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link Bloody bag

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I am so emotional about the future johnlock kiss. I just want to talk about that. I want to talk about Moffat writing that moment (because I’m sure if it happens it’s going to go down on one of his eps). I want to talk about Mark smirking about that when they decide it’s happening. I want to talk about the moment when Ben and Martin find out about the kiss. And when they first read it in the scripts.
I want to talk about the moment the studio is set up to make that moment happen. And the silence when it happens. And Martin is going to be playful and smug. I want to talk about Martin teasing about doing it again. Perhaps they might even have to shoot it again, another angle. Many angles. I want to talk about whether it’s going to be John making the first move or Sherlock. I bet it’s John. I want to talk about whether they are going to be sitting or standing. Or in a horizontal position for some reason. Is John going to cup Sherlock’s face? His hand on the back of his neck as he plays with his nape curl? Both of them licking their lips. Or maybe John licks Sherlock’s teasingly. John biting and pulling from Sherlock’s lower lip? I want to talk about their eyelashes brushing their faces. And maybe a gasp. And maybe a sigh after it. I want to know how opens their eyes first. And who licks their lips after it happens.
I want to talk about them teasing about it during interviews. I want to talk about the trailers that might even tease about it. And even the screenings and people tweeting about it but not being able to say it.
I want to talk a lot about the moment it happens and tumblr and twitter and facebook and the world goes crazy because this is life changing. This has never happened before in the history of Holmes adaptations. I want to talk about how the fandom is going to celebrate. I don’t want to talk about how the haters will still hate but i know that will happen. I want to talk about all the different gifs and edits and graphics and new poetry and new fanfics and new art that is going to happen after it. I want to talk about that moment that is going to be captured by the media from all over the world. And how it is going to be history.
I want to talk about how we not going to be able to calm down for a very long time and we might even scare our pets and family and even neighbours because screaming and shouting will occur. I want to talk about how many times we are going to re watch those seconds and compare it to other kisses. I want to talk about what happens after. I want meta about the future. I want to talk about their plans and their faces and their hands and their hair and their lips and their eyes and their body movement and the way their eyes are going to meet and they flushed cheeks and the way their chest will move. I want to talk about how perfect it’s going to be and how nothing else is going to matter except from getting to see Sherlock until they both grow old and we grow old with them.

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"So we stood hand-in-hand, like two children, and there was peace in our hearts for all the dark things that surrounded us." -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle "The Sign of the Four"

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john is a soldier he is an army doctor he is an adrenaline junkie he loves spraining people’s wrists and getting into fights and carrying a tire iron in his jeans and pretending he doesn’t want sherlock to suck his dick, that’s who he is

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